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Of all the Italian cities, Milan is certainly the least known for its art treasures. Potentially due to the fact it is more famous for its economic activities, its many monuments are often overlooked or go unappreciated. Another potential reason for this it might be that the Milanese are reserved people who do not like to exhibit their things, even when they are very beautiful. Therefore, it is not uncommon to come across, by sheer chance, buildings that have beautiful interiors that are hidden behind severe facades. The truth is, the examples of unexpected beauty that you can see walking around Milan, are endless.


However, there is a point in the city, the Duomo, where all restraint and the usual timidity of Milan have been ignored and everything has become exuberant. Hundreds of statues crowd the soaring spires of this Gothic cathedral. Endless decorative fretwork—both geometric and floral shaped—give the building the appearance of a precious chest, and, on sunny days, the Candoglia marble with which it was built shows all its amazing qualities and the iridescent marble sparkles with streaks of colour, ranging from pink to grey and light blue. These colours create a kaleidoscope of delicate nuances that make the building appear alive. This variety of shapes and colours is perfectly completed with the statue of the Virgin, which sits majestically on the highest spire of the cathedral. With one hand stretched out to the city below and the other towards the sky, the statue reminds us that the Milanese have always intended to put themselves and all their efforts and activities under the protection of Mary.


For art lovers who like exhibits

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo comes to Palazzo Reale





The masterpiece will be exhibited at Palazzo Reale for a month - the maximum loan time permitted by the conservation requisites of the most famous drawing on paper by the Italian genius. It is normally conserved in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice and will be on loan for "Leonardo da Vinci 1452 - 1519" the major exhibition scheduled for Expo 2015.
Together with masterpieces from the Louvre, Washington and from important Italian and international institutions, the Vitruvian Man represents a major element of the largest exhibition dedicated to Leonardo ever held in Italy.

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